APRS-GB: An APRS-based guestbook

I always liked the Automated Packet Reporting System and immediately after I've got my HAM operator license, I started reading some of the specifications. Besides having plans, that probably every APRS newbie has, like creating my own iGate or radio-only weather station, I decided to create a APRS-based guestbook or maybe chat if you wish.

The principle is very simple: send direct APRS message with OK1ZXS-15 as addressee and the text of it (max 67 character as per APRS specification) will be published here. If necessary, ACK will be send back to you. The status of APRS-GB software can be checked on aprs.fi - when the last packet is older than about an hour, then the service is down. Otherwise it will ping the APRS-IS with uptime every plus/minus 3600 seconds.

Consider this to be just a toy, proof-of-concept and beta-quality service: It may or may not work. All testing was done via TCPIP* without real APRS message sending capable transceiver. Every feedback is welcome, just send me an e-mail to martin@ok1zxs.cz (mail address not clickable on purpose).


  • 2020-05-25 First version online, there is no local deduplication yet, so if your TRX keeps sending (as when you are in RX-only iGate area), the aprs-gb keeps adding it!


OK1ZXS-5 (2020-05-25T19:49Z) First message from the author, 73 de OP Martin

M0YNG-10 (2020-05-25T20:45Z) hello and greetings from the UK!

OK7SE-7 (2020-05-26T15:26Z) OK1ZXS de OK7SE. Via radio, Kenwood D74.

DF1LU-7 (2020-05-26T16:45Z) 73 from Jena, Germany! OP Uwe

OK1MDX-9 (2020-05-26T20:10Z) Ahoj, dobra prace. 73 de OK1MDX

ZL2RCL-7 (2020-05-27T10:45Z) Hello from New Zealand de ZL2RCL

GW0TQM-1 (2020-05-27T15:59Z) Had to try this.Is it py? 73Carl

GW0TQM-1 (2020-05-28T09:27Z) test2

GW0TQM-1 (2020-05-28T11:11Z) on the mountains on the prairie

KJ4ERJ-12 (2020-05-30T18:08Z) Saw your GB on Facebook. Greetings.

KJ4ERJ-12 (2020-05-30T18:13Z) You've got an ack bug for reply acks.

KA9RES (2020-06-08T20:12Z) testing web page log at OK1ZXS - 73 de Pat

KA9RES (2020-06-08T20:20Z) works well, hope you share your program with other hams.

W2SAK-10 (2020-06-12T08:40Z) Saw your guestbook on FB. From NYC.

K7SAK-1 (2020-06-12T17:11Z) @ok1zxs-15 w2sak de k7sak

K7SAK-1 (2020-06-12T17:12Z) @w2sak de k7sak

OK1TEB (2020-06-14T19:30Z) Test MSG, 73!

KC3JXQ (2020-06-16T18:20Z) GREETINGS! 73

OK1ZW-5 (2020-06-30T17:48Z) ahoj, jen zkousim, dobrej napad.

K7SAK-1 (2020-07-03T19:56Z) @ok1zxs-15 w2sak de k7sak

OK2DDS-9 (2020-07-16T13:19Z) Pozdrav od Davida Brno, APRS via radio

KN6HGG-5 (2020-07-19T06:59Z) hello!

OK1HBP-7 (2020-07-23T15:16Z) POZDRAV Z BARRANDOVA 73 de OK1HBP

OK7SE-7 (2020-08-08T12:49Z) OK1ZXS de OK7SE. Pozrav z Jelenky JO70VR!